The mysterious tantra 

Tantrism is believed to have arisen already 5,000 years BC, as the main branch of Indian religion. However, its huge popularity in the Western world has increased only lately. The term tantra is usually translated as tissue or loom.

Tantrism teaches that every single material and spiritual phenomenon becomes a symbol of God, and a means of salvation at the same time. Tantra is considered a divine connection of man and woman that should be worshipped and paid a great deal of respect. The body is a special means of transport used to take its owner to another dimension – a state of absolute bliss.

Originally, tantra was an intimate ritual carried out to heal both the body and the soul. It has always been interconnected with a wide variety of relaxation techniques, including meditation and yoga, which can turn the carnal connection of two human beings to an experience of sheer bliss. Tantra fans focus only on the erotic energy emanating from their bodies; they don’t perceive the orgasm as the goal of their journey, they pay great attention to the actual moment instead. If they longed for this goal only, questions of success and failure would emerge immediately, and they would ruin everything.



In order to experience this kind of connection, it is very important that you start listening to your senses. Try to enjoy and cherish every touch, taste, sound, smell, and every seductive look, and you’ll feel everything much more amplified. Feeling relaxed is also important, therefore, you should focus on the right breathing technique. Tantra teaches us several breathing techniques meant to transport the sexual energy through the system of chakras, which are centres of energy. Lovers who manage to breathe in harmony can enjoy the connection of their bodies even more.

There are no limits in tantra in terms of sex or age. It’s a great experience for men, women, couples, and individuals alike. The tantric massage techniques use caring and healing touch full of love, which can make the energy in your body flow, and arouse your sexual desire. During the massage much care is paid to your head, ears, legs, and even your genitals too. In order to achieve the most pleasant ambience, scented candles and massage oils are used.

Tantric massages let you experience orgasm in a way that’s quite different than what you’ve known so far. It doesn’t remain only in your genitals, it flows into your whole body instead, and it feels like deep and lasting happiness. And it’s this very experience that can bring a spark of fresh passion into your sexual life.



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