The Art of Tantric Massage 

Join us on the erotic journey to the mysterious world of tantra, and you’ll learn how to turn your bedroom to a chamber of love. Our beautiful masseuses are waiting for you in the very centre of Bratislava. They’ll let you experience the true tantra and show you the magic of tantric massages.

If you’re looking for the perfect relax and harmony of body and mind, you’re in the right place. We don’t offer any sexual services, yet we can promise you extraordinary experiences. In our tantric lounge, you’ll learn to listen to your body and hear it, feel its needs, as well as feel your sexuality and spirituality unite. This way, you’ll touch the bliss of such moments that don’t repeat themselves too often. During the sensual massage the masseuse chosen by you takes you to another dimension. A dimension made of sheer happiness.

The Tantric Ritual

Each massage is commenced by a ritual, which lets you worship your body. We promise you that already at this stage you’ll be sure of being in the right place. The ritual is followed by an actual tantric massage, full of caress and tenderness provided by the masseuse. She pampers you throughout the massage, and you’re on cloud number nine. All her tenderness belongs exclusively to you.

Tantrism has been growing ever popular worldwide, and today it has quite a few fans. Will you join them, or will you live your life without experiencing tantra, which fulfills even the expectations of the most demanding ones? We’re looking forward to your visit. Your Luxury Tantra.


We’d like to thank you for coming back to us and enjoying the massages by giving you coupons as soon as you come to your third tantric massage. These coupons can be made use of already the next time you come to visit us. Don’t miss your chance! The number of coupons is limited! We’re looking forward to your visit.

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